Congratulations to JigsawPlus Learning Support Workers

Congratulations and our appreciation to all our Learning Support Workers for the impressive amount of additional learning they complete as part of their roles.  We currently have on staff…

…19 Learning Support Workers with completed Care Certificates (15 individual workbooks) with a further 17 working towards completion; 5 have gained their Pre-Teacher Rank Certificates; 3 now hold a CABAS Teacher I rank; 2 have the CABAS Teacher 2 rank; 1 has the CABAS Master Teacher rank; we have 1 Registered Behaviour Technician (6 due to sit the final exam any day now!) and 3 staff with Masters in High Incidence Disabilities and ABA.

All staff have to complete the Health & Social Care Course and we are proud to note our current average pass mark for this course is currently 93% (from the 179 courses taken since we started!). Staff also have to complete an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Course (our average pass mark here is 97%) and also the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberties Safeguarding training (with a 94% average pass mark).  There are additional ABA probationary modules all staff must complete and a range of further learning opportunities through Jigsaw’s CPD programme.

Well done and thank you to all our Learning Support Team!