Jigsaw prides itself on having an incredible team of highly committed, motivated and caring staff across the entire Trust. All staff, including the dedicated team of administrative and Trust Shared Services staff, Governors and Trustees, share a common goal; that Jigsaw will improve the lives of every single child or adult with autism that walks through its doors.

The quality of Learning Support offered to adults with autism at JigsawPlus is underpinned by the training and development programme available for all staff.  Learning Support staff are required to work through an initial training programme as well as undertake an ongoing schedule of ABA learning to understand the principles of applied behaviour analysis and be able to apply this within their Learning Support Role.  Additionally, JigsawPlus supports further certification in Learning Disabilities, Understanding Autism and entry level Behaviour Analysis certification up to senior certification available from the CABAS board.  

Download an overview of the career pathways available at JigsawPlus:  JigsawPlus Pathways

Please click to view a copy of our current Staff Certification list.

More detailed information on working at JigsawPlus along with current vacancies can be found on our dedicated Careers at Jigsaw website.

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To find out more directly from the CABAS website, please click on

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Jigsaw staff (teaching and non teaching) also have the opportunity to join UK-SBA (UK Society for Behaviour Analysis) – a forum for Behaviour Analysts for accreditation, professional development, continuing education and networking, and serves as an advocate body in public debate on issues relating to Behaviour Analysis.

The UK-SBA promotes the ethical and effective application of the principles of behaviour and learning to a wide range of areas including education, rehabilitation and health care, business, and the community and is committed to maintaining the availability of high-quality evidence-based professional Behaviour Analysis practice in the UK.  The Society also promotes and supports the academic field of Behaviour Analysis within the UK both in terms of university-based training, research and practice.   Visit:  for more details.