Café on the Park

The Café is based on Dunsfold Park, in close proximity to JigsawPlus. It provides the adults we support with the opportunity to work, fully supported, within a busy catering environment and enables them to experience a wide range of activities, tailored to their individual abilities and tolerance levels.

  • Food preparation and baking
  • Cash handling including till operation
  • Weekly banking
  • Serving customers and clearing tables
  • Re-stocking front of house displays
  • End of month stocktake
  • Cutlery and glass polishing
  • End of day cleaning
Jigsaw Cafe DCafe-exp-224x300

Working alongside the Café Manager and other members of the Café staff, the adults we support are very much involved with the smooth running of the day-to-day business. This helps to boost their confidence, promotes a feeling of well-being and enables the acquisition of transferable life skills.

All adults accessing JigsawPlus are also given plenty of opportunities to visit the Café as customers, ordering and paying for their food and beverages, and sitting amongst other visitors to the Café. This encourages social interaction and, in turn, helps develop important social skills, in a caring and understanding environment.