Lifelong Learning

The adults we support at JigsawPlus receive person-centred, individually designed learning plans based around their needs, likes and abilities and drawing on the appropriate and relevant topics from a comprehensive central curriculum.  Additionally, community-focused activities and a range of vocational and life skills learning opportunities are offered through Jigsaw Enterprises.   Working from our Centre for Lifelong Learning, JigsawPlus Learning Support Workers work closely with the adults their adult learners to create personalised plans focussing on identification and achievement of meaningful, individual goals.  JigsawPlus is open for 49 weeks per year.

JigsawPlus provides:

Learning support to continue personal development and to access ongoing educational opportunities, eg. Numeracy, Literacy and ICT

Employment support to access vocational training, volunteering and work experience opportunities with JigsawPlus Social Enterprises or other places of employment

Wellbeing support to access social, leisure, fitness and therapeutic opportunities.


Lifelong Learning Opportunities

JigsawPlus creates individually designed learning plans by drawing on the appropriate and relevant topics and activities from a comprehensive central ‘curriculum’.

Learning Categories

Learning Topics and Activities


Speaker-listener behaviour; Speaker-listener exchanges; Understanding & answering questions; SaLT objectives; Interactions with others

Academic Skills

Reading; Writing; Maths; Computing & IT; Other key skills (not in other areas)

Health & Wellbeing

Exercise; Healthy diet; Sleep; Management of mental health; Self-awareness and management of emotions; Experiencing enjoyment; Feeling safe & secure


Understanding and expressing feelings; Empathy; Social skills; Friendships and relationships; Positive interactions with others

Productive Use of Time

Employment & volunteering; Own interest they enjoy; Exploring and learning through different experiences; Engaging in preferred activities and interests

Managing Behaviours that Challenge

Self-management; Appropriate use of resources; Appropriate response to scenarios; Ability to cope with change (ie. change to routine)

Independence in the Home

Personal hygiene; Housekeeping; Laundry; Healthy diet; Food prep; Hazards in a home environment

Independence outside the Home

Travel; Budgeting Finance; Handling money; Household shopping; Hazards outside the home environment