JigsawPlus Safeguarding Statement

JigsawPlus is committed to promoting the safety and welfare of all adults we support who must be safeguarded from all forms of abuse. We recognise that everyone must be protected at all times and expect all staff, volunteers and the wider community to be active in ensuring a positive contribution is made to individuals’ wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.

All staff, including volunteers, undergo Enhanced DBS checks and are engaged with safeguarding vulnerable adults training with emphasis on the rights of every adult to be safe and free from abuse and neglect. Training also provides staff with the knowledge to identify specific types of abuse and harm with guidance on how to report occurrences through the appropriate channels.

As an organisation JigsawPlus aims for the highest quality of care and takes every possible action to prevent abuse and to deal with safeguarding issues promptly and effectively if they occur. We will not tolerate any form of abuse and will help all the adults we support to safeguard themselves against abuse and neglect. Furthermore, we promote a culture of openness, so that staff, adults we support, families and carers can raise their concerns and know that they will be listened to, without worrying what will happen as a result.

Where there is a concern of suspected abuse or allegations, any actions will be unbiased and where appropriate all persons involved will be kept fully informed. If necessary, further advice may be sought to ensure sensitive and effective interventions and that key considerations are not overlooked.

Email address for our Designated Safeguarding Lead can be found on the Contact page on this website.