Jigsaw ARTworks

RJ-Lizard-SImon by Jigsaw plusARTworks is based at JigsawPlus Centre for Lifelong Learning. The enterprise is a creative environment enabling the adults we support to produce pieces of art ranging from painted pictures, collages, decoupage and other textiles and artistic medium.  Mindful of ARTworks as an enterprise, many items are created to be saleable, and everyone has a part to play in reaching that goal, such as the origination and production of greetings cards and gift tags.

This involvement promotes a sense of achievement and satisfaction and encourages the development of useful and transferable skills. The practical aspect of creative work improves fine motor skills and concentration, as well as bringing a greater understanding about the various steps required to successfully complete a project.

Art is widely regarded as a method of communication and self-expression and a valuable and popular part of Jigsaw’s Enterprise initiative.