Jigsaw GARDENworks

GARDENworks is a horticultural enterprise based at Dunsfold Park. Clients accessing this enterprise help to maintain the flowerbeds, planters and paths around Jigsaw School, Café on the Park and the Dunsfold Park Estate Office. Clients also have the opportunity to work at our off-site Jigsaw Life Skills Centre in Guildford.

GARDENworks delivers a safe and accessible opportunity for JigsawPlus Clients to embark on a range of indoor and outdoor gardening opportunities.

With their Jigsaw Support Worker, they work alongside a horticultural specialist teaching them practical skills such as how to use a watering can or hose through to weeding, digging and planting seasonal flowers, shrubs and vegetables. Clients are also taught about wearing suitable gardening kit, eg. gloves; which tools to use for what job and how to use and store these tools safely.

Horticulture is a therapeutic activity enabling Clients to indulge in sensory activities they may otherwise be unable to experience.